Judgement Time: Extra Dessert Delights Gum (Apple Pie)

Dessert & gum all in one?

Extra Gum has rolled out a new line of chewing gum designed to taste like a variety of popular desserts. Their latest flavor, Apple Pie, struck me as the most interesting. Anyone can make a stick of gum taste like apples. But could they make it taste like pie?

Remember that scene in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory where Willy has created a gum that consists of a full three-course meal? That’s kind of what this gum reminded me of. I had expected it to merely taste like apples, but this gum really tasted like apple pie.

It was wild. I could taste the warm spices that are typically used in an apple pie: cinnamon and maybe even nutmeg. I could pick out the flavor of a  crust. A crust in gum, how is that possible? And, correct me if I’m wrong, but I might’ve even tasted the slightest hint of vanilla ice cream.

It’s times like these when I remember that I’m living in 2011. We’re in a futuristic day and age where all the functions of a computer can be held in the palm of your hand and gum tastes like real food. This dessert gum really is one step away from Wonka’s three-course meal. And, as an added bonus, the flavor stuck around pretty long. Not bad, Extra. Not bad.

In conclusion, I’d recommend this gum to anyone with a sweet tooth, especially people who are dieting and need to satisfy their cravings for dessert.

So, how did Extra score?

5 stars out of 5

Feel free to check out the gum and let me know how Extra scores in your book!

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Colleen Bierstine

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