10 Cookies and Cream Recipes for Oreo Lovers


For all my cookies and cream cravers, I’ve got 10 perfect Oreo recipes for you. I understand you. Cookies and cream is such a classic flavor combo, and it’s never not good. We grew up with it in ice cream, milkshakes, and just as the classic milk and cookies snack. It’s forever amazing and always perfect.

Now you’ve got 10 creative ways to enjoy this favorite:

  1. Cookies & Cream Cake Chocolate Bark
  2. Cookies and Cream Brownie Truffles
  3. Cookies & Cream Peanut Butter Cups
  4. Cookies and Cream Skillet Brownie Cookie
  5. Milky Way Ganache Brownie Bites w/ Oreo Crumbles
  6. Oreo-Stuffed Cookies & Cream Cookies with Cookies and Cream Frosting
  7. Cookies & Cream Eclair Cake
  8. Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cake with Cookies and Cream Frosting
  9. Cookies and Cream Spread
  10. Cookies & Cream Cookie Brownie Cups


What’s your favorite way to enjoy Oreos?

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Colleen Bierstine