20 of the Most Disappointing Food Moments


Most of the time, food makes us so incredibly happy, but sometimes it boils our blood with fires of uncontrollable fury. We like to think food is there for us, but it does let us down. And we fall hard.

  1. Like when your cheat meal isn’t as good as you expected and you can’t get a refund on all those calories.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.11.33 PM

  2. When you drop a precious piece of food on the ground, and you’re in public so you have to pretend that actually bothers you and let the food go.


  3. When you burn stuff.


  4. When you have a cold and can’t even taste your comfort food.


  5. When mac and cheese is dry.


  6. When you don’t have your favorite chain restaurant where you live. Dairy Queen, please come to Utica.


  7. When there’s unexpectedly an ingredient you hate in your food. Looking at you, cilantro.


  8. When the grocery store is out of your favorite thing WHYYYYY.


  9. When there are raisins in your cookie instead of chocolate chips.


  10. When McDonald’s doesn’t give you the hash browns you paid for. Or Dunkin, for that matter.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.27.26 PM

  11. When you’ve been dreaming of a certain meal all day, then get home and realize you don’t have what you need to make it.


  12. When you commit to eating a banana, only to find it wasn’t ripe enough.


  13. When you branch out and try something new, but it’s awful.


  14. When your coffee is hotter than Satan’s forehead when he has the flu, and then all of a sudden freezing cold.


  15. When it’s Sunday and you want Chick-fil-A.


  16. When they’re skimpy on the pizza toppings.


  17. When they get your coffee order wrong.


  18. When a restaurant serves you something that was clearly frozen, and not homemade.


  19. When the portion is too small. Who said that it’s better to have loved and lost?


  20. And finally, when you eat and you’re immediately hungry again.f_7c10b9eace

What are your biggest food disappointments?

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Colleen Bierstine

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