SCS 68

Smart Cookie Shopping 68: Muffins, Cookies, & Popcorn

SCS 68

If you’re a snacker, then you’re about to have a field day with the food reviews in this week’s edition of Smart Cookie Shopping. I’ve got Oreos, popcorn, crackers, and more that you just may want to add to your shopping list this week. We’ll take a look at what’s new and worthwhile on the shelves, and you can save money on the stuff that’s not worth a second glance.

Let’s get shopping!

1. Special K Red Velvet Pastry Crisps – available in the snack aisle

These are touted as being “light,” but that’s only because they’re pieces of paper stuck together with sweet glue. You’re better off indulging in one good cookie than two of these cardboard jokes.


2. Thomas Maple French Toast English Muffins – available with the bread

These smell so darn GOOD when they’re baking; it’s exactly like french toast. However, they don’t actually taste that different than plain ones. Bummer.


3. Milano Mocha Chocolate Cookies – available in the snack aisle

These definitely had a different flavor, but it didn’t say “mocha” to me. They were just sweeter than normal. Another disappointment, unfortunately.


4. Filled Cupcake Oreos – available in the snack aisle

Finally, a winner! I thought the cream filling within the chocolate filling was really fun, and the flavor tasted just like a chocolate cupcake.


5. Ritz Toasted Salsa Verde Corn Chips – available in the snack aisle

Wow, these are so different than anything I’ve ever tried! It’s like a corn chip meets a cracker, plus you’ve got this fresh salsa verde flavor. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, this is a great salty, crunchy snack to try.


6. Chips Ahoy! Soft and Chunky Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies – available in the snack aisle

These were so dry, and they taste like a healthy granola bar. That’s not what I want in a cookie.


7. Orville Redenbacher Cheddar Popcorn – available in the snack aisle

There’s a story here. My family and I used to go nuts for Orville Redenbacher’s Cheddar Butter popcorn. It was popcorn dusted in cheddar that came with a packet of cheddar sauce to pour over the top, and it was THE BOMB. However, they stopped making it many years ago. I still look for it on occasions in the hope it comes back, and when I saw this, I knew it wasn’t the same. But I had to try it. This popcorn is definitely the same cheddar popcorn that I used to buy, just minus the sauce. But the sauce was the best part, so I’m just not satisfied. It is, however, a tasty little snack that’s a change-up from buttered popcorn.


Which of these products will you try?

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Colleen Bierstine