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The Weekender: Pizza, Parties, & Paint

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Could it actually be that we are finally on spring’s doorstep? We spend so long stuck in winter here in CNY that when a little bit of warm weather knocks on our door, it almost feels like a dream. In fact, we often get teased quite a few times before the warm weather sticks around for good. I’d say we aren’t in the clear yet. But for now, I’ve enjoyed stowing away my winter coat and painting my toe nails for open-toe shoes.

I’m still eating like a bear preparing for winter hibernation, though. This week’s hearty recipe is proof:

Mexican Stuffed Shells

Don’t worry, I’ve got something summery coming your way: this gorgeous ice cream cake I made for Ryan’s birthday. There are a ton of delectable, indulgent layers, including loads of chocolate peanut butter. Stay tuned for the recipe next week!

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Don’t worry – Ryan and I made up for our honking slices of ice cream cake by teaching a double at the gym together on the morning of his birthday. He taught Les Mills BODYPUMP, and I taught Les Mills CXWORX. We make a good team!

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Actually, thank goodness for my teaching in general because lord knows my eating habits aren’t always on-point. Being a BODYSTEP and CXWORX instructor makes me feel well-rounded with both cardio and strength. Plus, I get to play with different sides of my personality. I truly love what I do.

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Oh, and did I mention teaching group fitness makes eating pizza feel a teeny tiny bit better? Yes? Well I’m tell you again, because I found out Swifty’s in Utica has amazing pizza. This is totally unexpected because it’s a pub. And yet, they make mouth-watering, ultra-thin crust pizza that I can inhale in the blink of an eye. If you live in the area, you’ve got to try it.

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Speaking of trying new things, I have never had a gel manicure in my life (nor do I ever have my nails done professionally), but I treated myself to it on a girl’s day out. I have to say, I am impressed. It’s been over a week with no chips in my springy purple-pink color!


Do you ever wish you could be a cat, just for one day? When I see my Mr. Poe this snuggly and cozy, I do get a bit jealous imaging what it would be like.

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How was your week?

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