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The Weekender: Paws, Posing, and Ponytails

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I’m grateful to be relaxing with a visit from Mother Cookie this weekend. It’s a much-needed long weekend, and I even get a few days off from the gym. But what would a mini-vacation be without good eats? Let’s review what we made this week:

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Mini Spinach, Mozzarella, Tomato Frittatas

I also made one of my all-time favorites again this week, Zucchini Casserole. That’s a recipe I revisit again and again because it’s low-carb and cheesy and delicious. So if you missed it, check it out now!
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I’m not just upping my dinner game this week; I’m upping my hairstyle game too. This pony looks fancy, but that rope braid is actually way easier than a real braid (which I’m incapable of doing). It’s the same idea as a braid, but you use 2 pieces of hair instead of 3.

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Since I knew I’d be taking a couple days off from the gym, I made sure to get a full morning of sweat in on Saturday with BODYSTEP and CXWORX. My teammates and I dawned matching red, white, and blue Reebok capris in honor of Memorial Day.


The best part about the weekend is being home with my babies. Look at this Poe stealing the spotlight!

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I’m better off letting him have the selfie to himself.

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Here is my favorite thing: Mina’s little fangs. So fierce yet so cute. She’s my little vampire.

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What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

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