1048372_10151786915243453_1774447608_o-2Colleen Bierstine is a 23 year-old chef, baker, writer, and creator of The Smart Cookie Cook. By day, she works in communications for a not-for-profit. By night, she is a certified Les Mills™ BODYSTEP™ & CXWORX™ Group Fitness Instructor. By all hours of every day, she is a food blogger.

Colleen launched The Smart Cookie Cook in 2011 when she found her food obsession to be so powerful that she wanted to share her story with as many people as possible. While she was growing up, her family witnessed her love of food, and as she started to experiment more and more with her own recipes, they suggested she start a blog to document it all.
Colleen chose “The Smart Cookie Cook” as her blog’s name to reflect that, quite simply, she is one smart cookie…who cooks. She lives by the mantra “Cook Smarter, Not Harder,” and feels strongly about sharinMcChipg original  recipes only.

The Smart Cookie Cook features recipes for every lifestyle and craving. You’ll find sweet, savory, healthy, indulgent, dinners, snacks, desserts, and more. Although Colleen is a vegetarian, she shares recipes for meat-eaters too. The Smart Cookie Cook also offers other food-related features, including reviews, the wrap-up and behind-the-scenes Weekender post every Sunday, and more.

Colleen has been featured on various media platforms for her blog. She has made monthly appearances on WKTV News Channel 2 and has held multiple guest spots on local radio stations. Colleen’s recipes have been featured by Buzzfeed, Pillsbury, Yahoo!, Reese’s, ABC’s The Chew, Pepperidge Farms, QVC, and more. In 2015, The Smart Cookie Cook was named one of the Top Food Blogs to Follow by First Site Guide.grad

Colleen graduated from Utica College in 2014 as Salutatorian of her class with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. She lives in Central New York with her two fur babies, Mr. Poe and Mina.


Colleen is most passionate about food, fitness, and Hello Kitty. Her favorite dish to make is the Eggplant Parmigiana that she and Mother Cookie prepare together.


For questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact: thesmartcookiecook@yahoo.com

Policy on Use of Smart Cookie Intellectual Property

Permission must be obtained from Colleen Bierstine prior to use or reprint of any The Smart Cookie Cook content, be it recipes, text, photos, videos, or any other intellectual property. Colleen is always happy to share her content, as long as permission is requested and credit to The Smart Cookie Cook is indicated along with a link back to her site (www.thesmartcookiecook.com).

When sharing a The Smart Cookie Cook recipe after receiving permission to do so, the credit line within the recipe itself, “By The Smart Cookie Cook,” may not be removed or altered in any way.

The Smart Cookie Cook name, logo, and correlating mascot Mr. McChip are creative property of The Smart Cookie Cook and may not be reused in any way, unless permission is granted by Colleen Bierstine.

Thank you for your understanding.

For requests to use recipes or photos, please email thesmartcookiecook@yahoo.com

Cook Smarter, Not Harder.


  1. Colleen?!
    This website is amazing! Great job :) I never knew you had your own cookie business lol
    Well, anyway… i think it’s awesome.

  2. You look real young but you have an amazing talent!:) I don’t really cook but seeing your yummy recipes, I’m inspired to learn!:) Hope you keep all those delicious recipes comin!:)

  3. this is great and i absolutely love and support your philosophy on food. food is a joy of life and should be celebrated by any and all — it’s meant to be shared by everyone. i look forward to checking out your creative recipes :) if you’re looking for some other forms of inspiration feel free to wander over to my food blog, http://www.ohshineon.wordpress.com/

    my blog gets pretty lonely sometimes and would love the company!

    – katie at http://www.ohshineon.wordpress.com/

  4. Hello
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my little blog. I just thought I would let you know that my blog has moved and is now bighungrygnomes.co.uk. Unfortunately, if you want to remain subscribed to my blog, you will have re-subscribe to this new address. I realise this is a little bit of a nuisance but I would really appreciate your continuing support and interest in my blog

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