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  3. Mayo or Miracle Whip?
    Butter or Margarine?
    Sugar or Splenda?
    Electric or Gas- stoves?
    Frozen Yogurt or ice cream?
    Whole or skim milk? Does this make a difference while baking that you know of?
    Do you like to listen to music while cooking or do you prefer company in the kitchen?
    Who in your family taste tests your recipes?

  4. Can you ship any of the tasty treats you make within the northeastern U.S.? More specifically, York, PA??

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  6. Do you or would you ever cook your pasta in the microwave rather than boiling it on the stove top? Have you ever tried one of the microwave pasta cookers?

  7. Have you ever made German pretzels? The dough is easy to make. To get them in the right form is a bit trickier but when you practice long enough it works.
    I can’t find the right ingredients for the glaze you put on before backing because it’s a chemical solution.
    Any thoughts?


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  9. What are your thoughts on all the low calorie diet soda cupcakes? Do you think they are a good substitution for the real thing?

  10. I am looking for a good Gulin free cookie recipe for my grandaughter and I to make for christmas. We have just found out this year that she can not have gulin and I have not been able to find a good recipe for cookies. Do you have any recipes for Glution free cookies?

  11. Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my new blog today. I love your blog and you have so many great recipes. I’m going pin crazy lol!

    I am new to baking and pretty much teaching myself as I go along. I appreciate that about your passion too. I hope you can storm the culinary world when you are done. Can’t wait to follow along.

    You say you live in CNY. Where?? I am in Syracuse and feel like there are not that many bloggers up this way. Would love to connect more with you.

    Hope you are having a great week.


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