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Roasted Garlic and Basil Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Garlic and Basil Mashed Potatoes make my favorite childhood side dish taste so sophisticated. When I was little, Mother Cookie made a family dinner every night. She wasn’t a fancy-shmancy cook; she made simple but comforting meals for us without fail. Even though cooking never was her favorite thing to do, she always made […]

Caramelized Onion Tomato Grilled Cheese

The Weekender: Thanksgiving 2015 Recap

How was your Thanksgiving? I got to visit my parents’ new house in Connecticut, and we had a lovely low-key holiday. Before we dive into my Turkey Day dinner table, let’s review what we made this week on Smart Cookie: Caramelized Onion & Tomato Grilled Cheese Red Velvet White Chocolate-Mint Pie How to Freeze Cookie […]


How to Freeze Cookie Dough and Baked Cookies + My Best Recipes

Getting ready for Christmas cookie season is a breeze with my tips for making cookies ahead of time and freezing them. And to go along with those tips, I’ve also got my collection of favorite cookie recipes. They key to not going crazy during the holiday baking season is getting the work done ahead of […]


Red Velvet White Chocolate-Mint Pie

I use the term “pie” loosely with this Red Velvet Mint-White Chocolate Cream Pie. The crust is the texture of a brownie-cookie hybrid, and the filling is this airy, creamy delight. It winds up being like a rich dessert bar in deep-dish pie form. You see, my beef with pie is that I seldom care […]


Caramelized Onion & Tomato Grilled Cheese

I’m not too proud to admit that this Carmelized Onion and Tomato Grilled Cheese was inspired by a chain restaurant. I stopped at a Johnny Rocket’s on a whim, and grilled cheese sounded really good. What I didn’t know was that they make their grilled cheeses with diced tomatoes and caramelized onions in them. I thought, […]


The Weekender: Selfies, Sh’bam, and Sandwiches

 It is so nice to be settled into our new home. I love having a real kitchen again, and every day, things look better and better. The only way you could be happier than Ry and I is if you’re my cats. They are so visibly happier since we moved in. They LOVE all this […]

SCS 63

Smart Cookie Shopping 63: Pretzels, Pasta, Sweet Potato Chips & More

With all my traveling and moving, we are long overdue for our bi-weekly addition of Smart Cookie Shopping, featuring new food products you can find at your grocery store. I’ll let you know what’s good so you can be on the lookout the next time you go shopping. Get your shopping list prepped, and let’s […]


Eggnog Cookie Bars with White Chocolate-Cinnamon-Rum Frosting

It’s the first Christmas recipe of the season on Smart Cookie with these Eggnog Cookie Bars with White Chocolate-Cinnamon-Rum Frosting! Don’t like eggnog? Don’t freak out yet! I’ve got two reasons why these Eggnog Cookie Bars with White Chocolate-Cinnamon-Rum Frosting are amazing: I had a co-worker nearly break down my cubicle in excitement after he tried […]


Cranberry, Bacon, & Kale Pumpkin Nachos

If you’ve ever wondered how to make nachos appropriate for Thanksgiving, I’ve got your solution right here with my Cranberry, Bacon, & Kale Pumpkin Nachos. I want you to leave behind all notions of tasteless corn tortillas covered in lukewarm processed cheese sauce. These Thanksgiving-inspired nachos are a refined and refreshing take on the snack you […]


The Weekender: Coming Home, Cuddles, & Cake

I am so happy to be home after a week in Germany. Although I had a plethora of good stuff to eat, I honestly missed my good ol’ American food. Next week, I’ll be divulging all my German food adventures so you can get a taste of the trip too. First, let’s review everything we […]

Summer 152

13 Eggplant Recipes for Eggplant Lovers

Who would’ve thought I’d love eggplant enough someday to make a list of 13 Eggplant Recipes for Eggplant Lovers? I hated eggplant as a kid. Most people grow out of that sort of thing, but I’ve been a picky eater through and through. However, Eggplant was the one thing that I majorly changed my tune […]


Roasted Green Beans and Cranberries with Bacon & Asiago

You THINK I’m getting all fancy on you with this Thanksgiving recipe for Roasted Green Beans and Cranberries with Bacon & Asiago, but I really took the easy way out. Green bean casserole and cranberry sauce are a Thanksgiving staple, but making them both at the same time is a circus. The casserole takes a […]

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