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Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese – 3 Ways

If you’ve never had a mac & cheese grilled cheese, then you’ve never lived. It’s exactly what it sounds like: creamy mac & cheese stuffed into a sandwich with sharp cheddar cheese and grilled until melty and golden brown. Some of you skeptic, health-conscious folk might be thinking that’s just way too much starch in […]

Sweet & Simple: Cheesy Spaghetti-O’s

For every child in America, there are several edible staples you must experience: the classic white bread & american cheese grilled cheese, Kid Cuisine, PB & J sandwiches, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Dunkaroos, sugary cereals, Lunchables, Gushers…the list goes on and on. Sure, our mothers were the main chefs in our life, but let us […]

Cinnamon Roll Almonds

Nuts are a funny thing, you either love ’em or you hate ’em. Personally, I don’t understand how anyone could hate nuts (unless you’re deathly allergic), but hey, to each his own. Me? I love ’em. I think they make just about any dish better, but they’re also deliciously addictive on their own. Nuts are […]

Obsessions: Wegman’s Sugar Cookies

I have a deep, unconditional love for Wegman’s. Anyone else who has been to one knows exactly what I’m talking about. Wegman’s is the king of all grocery stores with a vast spread of endless aisles that are filled with only the best that food has to offer. It’s a magical place. Unfortunately, my closest […]

Healthy Cookie: Cheesy Breakfast Pizza (205 calories!)

Eggs are awesome. They’ve got loads of protein, they’re filling, and they’re good for you. Egg Beaters are even better because they’ve got more health benefits than a real egg, but even less calories. As a health-conscious vegetarian, I eat Egg Beaters like they’re going out of style. However, you can imagine that I often […]

PB & J Tiramisu

If you were a kid who grew up in America (likely), then you also grew up with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. You uncovered them in your lunchbox, cradled in a ziplock bag, throughout the majority of your grade school years. There’s something about experiencing a food as a staple in your childhood that makes […]

The Only Spaghetti Sauce I’ll Eat

Pretty much everyone loves spaghetti, right? It doesn’t contain any controversial or offensive ingredients and, well, it’s pasta. This classic dish is a crowd-pleaser, one that most of us have grown up with. Our mothers made it for us, and our mother’s mothers made it for them. So, besides being delicious, spaghetti is comforting. But […]

Healthy Cookie: Zesty Black Bean Tacos (240 Calories!)

Living the low-cal life can be tough. There’s so much temptation out there! Tacos, for example. Those things clock in at hundreds and hundreds of calories. Plus, the existence of tacos is made even more cruel when you make the decision to become a vegetarian. I was never big on meat, even back in my […]

Obsessions: Josh Early’s Chocolates

If you’ve never been to The Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, then, chances are, you’ve never heard of Josh Early’s Candies. I wouldn’t expect you to have; The Lehigh Valley isn’t exactly NYC or Las Vegas. However, the LV does have one thing going for it, and that’s Josh Early’s. A little fact about myself: I […]

Babci’s Zucchini Casserole

For all of you non-Polish folk, “Babci” means grandmother. My Babci is acutally my great-grandmother. But I’ve always called her Babci since that’s what my mother called her. It may not make much sense, but that’s how it’s always been. Babci may have passed away when I was too young to remember her, but that […]

Judgment Time: Chocolate Hypnotic Cake

Hypnotized yet? This beauty and I share the same birthday: August 22. To commemorate my b-day, I ordered this gorgeous Chocolate Hypnotic Cake from The Dessert Booth in Clinton, NY. Beautiful, intensely chocolately, and absolutely delicious, I was hypnotized for sure. Let’s start by talking about the presentation. The Chocolate Hypnotic Cake has a flawless […]

Recipe Remix: Double Chocolate Twix Cookies

It’s no secret how delicious classic chocolate chip cookies are. And when I found my absolute favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe ever, I was thrilled to share it with you. I was just as thrilled to show you how to turn them into delicious ice cream sandwiches. Now, I’m ECSTATIC to show you how to […]

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