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10-Minute Three-Cheese Tomato Basil Dip for Two

When a craving for something cheesy hits, you need an immediate remedy like my 10-Minute Three-Cheese Tomato Basil Dip for Two. Often times, dip recipes mean getting ready to stand over the stove for at least an hour, and making enough to feed an army. But what if you don’t want to wait for a […]


The Weekender: The Gym, Jumps, & Games

Oh how wonderful it is to see more sunlight every day! Losing an hour of sleep for daylight saving is a pain, but I’m over the shock of it and enjoying leaving work and the gym while it’s still bright out. I’m so very ready for spring and sunshine. Let’s take a look at the […]


Review: To-Go Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup

  My boyfriend and I are big fans of Panera Bread, but it’s rare we have the time or the money to go out to eat. I stumbled upon To-Go Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup at the grocery store the other night, and I was curious how it would stack up to the real deal. So […]


17 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Whether you’re Irish or not, you can appreciate some delicious recipes for St. Patrick’s Day. We’re lucky enough to have 17 of ’em today to drool over, and all of them are easy enough for you to whip up on a moment’s notice. They’re green, they’re delicious, and they’d make a leprechaun jump for joy. […]


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cadbury Egg Baskets

It’s no secret that I try to find at least one new recipe for Cadbury Mini Eggs every year, and this year, I created Chocolate Chip Cookie Cadbury Egg Baskets. Each edible basket is built from a chewy chocolate chip cookie. Don’t you wish every Easter basket was like that? The tiny, chocolaty baskets are lined […]

Pierogi Veggie Skillet

The Weekender: Cat Selfies & Pizza Dates

It’s starting to feel like spring here in CNY already! Unfortunately, my allergies also got that memo. I just can’t win. I’m sad to report that one of camera cards bit the dust the week, which caused me to lose some photos. But I still cranked out some delicious stuff to share with you: Pierogi […]


Loaded Dorito Quesadilla

I do strange things when I’m looking to cook up something exciting with a kitchen full of boring ingredients. That includes putting chips inside quesadillas, like with this Loaded Dorito Quesadilla. I’ve seen Doritos really stepping out of their comfort zone lately, coating mozzarella sticks and breading chicken even. It makes you really look at […]

SCS 68

Smart Cookie Shopping 68: Muffins, Cookies, & Popcorn

If you’re a snacker, then you’re about to have a field day with the food reviews in this week’s edition of Smart Cookie Shopping. I’ve got Oreos, popcorn, crackers, and more that you just may want to add to your shopping list this week. We’ll take a look at what’s new and worthwhile on the […]


Vegetable & Pierogi Skillet

What kind of Polish girl would I be if I didn’t turn pierogis into the perfect weeknight dinner with this Vegetable & Pierogi Skillet? Maybe I’m not a perfect Polish girl; after all, these pierogis weren’t homemade (sorry, Grandma Cookie). I picked them up from my grocery store, and they were fresh, not frozen, so […]


Sun-Dried Tomato & Chickpea-Stuffed Mini Peppers

Vegetables are much better when you fill them with delicious stuff, so skip the salad and try my Sun-Dried Tomato & Chickpea-Stuffed Mini Peppers. They’re so filling that they can serve as your meal, but they’re bite-sized, so you can also eat them as appetizers. Whatever you do, it’s going to be delicious. I made […]

Bella Regina

Review: Bella Regina – Utica, NY

The whole gaggle of Cookies were here this weekend, minus Father Cookie, so we decided to try a new restaurant per my boyfriend’s recommendation: Bella Regina in downtown Utica, NY. Sister Cookie, Mother Cookie, BIL Cookie, Ryan and I headed over there early Saturday evening to find abundant open tables, so I was taken aback […]


Coconut White Chocolate Red Velvet Pizza

When pizza is your favorite food, it only makes sense to find a way to eat it for dessert. I get the best of both worlds with my Coconut White Chocolate Red Velvet Pizza. I’ll admit I can’t inhale as many slices of this rich dessert as I can regular pizza, but that’s because there […]

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