Lemon Poppy Seed Berry Shortcakes

Elegant dessert can be simple and rustic too with my Lemon Poppy Seed Berry Shortcakes. I love the idea of having dessert, but the thought of making it can be overwhelming, especially when you see such pretty and intricate desserts on a daily basis. If I’m going to make a dessert, I don’t want to break a […]


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bark

Be prepared to surrender yourself to a new addiction when you make this Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bark. Ever since I made the bark last weekend, I’ve been eating it like vitamins. Plus, I’m pretty sure my boyfriend has integrated the bark into all three meals of every day. And yet, I was […]


No-Bake Double Chocolate Eclair Cake

Play pretend-pastry chef for a day with this no-bake Double Chocolate Eclair Cake. To me, a good bakery’s pastry case is like an actual wonderland in this bleak real word. It gives me the feeling I always imagined I’d have as a kid if I could hop into the board game Candy Land and stroll […]


Double Lemon Cupcakes

It may be snowing and bitterly freezing here in CNY, but I’m still going to act like it’s spring with my Double Lemon Cupcakes. I bet if you could taste the springtime sun, it’d taste like bright, fresh lemon. Okay, the sun wouldn’t taste like anything because you’d torch your tongue and face and entire body […]


Coconut White Chocolate Red Velvet Pizza

When pizza is your favorite food, it only makes sense to find a way to eat it for dessert. I get the best of both worlds with my Coconut White Chocolate Red Velvet Pizza. I’ll admit I can’t inhale as many slices of this rich dessert as I can regular pizza, but that’s because there […]


Caramel Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Bars

  These Caramel Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Bars are rewriting the fairytales. Moist, tender, and downright sinful as they are, they prove that it’s the pumpkin Cinderella wants, not the horse-drawn carriage. The thing about pumpkin is that it’s a magical ingredient. Perhaps that’s what makes it so appropriate for this time of year, but you can put pumpkin […]


Pumpkin Milano Cookie Ghosts

Pumpkin Milano Cookie Ghosts are cuter than they are spooky. If one of these ghosts “booed” at you, you’d likely laugh in their face. In fact, you probably got a chuckle out of my Instagram video on how to make them. Spooky Ghost Pumpkin Milano Cookies coming tomorrow on the blog! #Milano #PepperidgeFarms #food #dessert #baking #cookies […]


Soft Fresh Blueberry Cookies

These Soft Fresh Blueberry Cookies are the result of a reader’s request for a soft and light cookie made with fresh blueberries. She liked the recipe she had, but wished the texture wasn’t so hard, and asked for a solution to this. I can’t say I blame her because I’m a soft cookie fan myself. […]


Glazed Lemon Zucchini & Summer Squash Bread

My first memory of zucchini bread is of when I was a kid living in my old neighboor, and the kind old lady across the street brought me some. Naturally, you don’t tell a kid there’s zucchini in their bread, so I was none the wiser, thinking I was eating some vegetable-less treat. But my […]

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

The Weekender: Birthday Recap

  I celebrated my 22nd birthday this weekend, and I can’t wait to recap it with you! But first, let’s talk about the food. What did we make this week? Buffalo “Chicken” Wraps Milky Way Ganache Brownies with Oreo Crumble 20 Cheesy Recipes for Cheese Lovers Individual Oven-Roasted Squash & Tomato Mozzarella Bakes My whole […]