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The Weekender: Feet, Feathers, and Paws

Happy Easter, Smart Cookie lovers! It’s truly starting to feel like spring here in CNY, and I’m in great spirits. Or maybe that’s more due to the good food I had this week rather than the sun. Here’s what you missed: Bunny Butt Rice Krispie Treats Baked Eggplant Fries I’ll also be sharing a few […]


The Weekender: Challenges, Spring, and Caturday

Finally! Beautiful weather has arrived in CNY! I don’t know how short-lived it may be, but for the weekend at least, I’m basking in bountiful sunshine and can actually go outside without a winter coat. It’s the little things! Speaking of little things, we shared a variety of incredible recipes this week, including two jam-packed […]


The Weekender: The Gym, Jumps, & Games

Oh how wonderful it is to see more sunlight every day! Losing an hour of sleep for daylight saving is a pain, but I’m over the shock of it and enjoying leaving work and the gym while it’s still bright out. I’m so very ready for spring and sunshine. Let’s take a look at the […]

Salted Caramel Brownie Ice Cream

The Weekender: Wacky Onions, Whiskers, & Workout Gear

Did you know Saturday was International Cat Day? I love any excuse to celebrate my adorable fur babies, so I made sure to spoil them twice as much. That’s my job. I have a lot of jobs, come to think of it: my day job, my evening job at the gym, and let’s not forget: […]

Strawberry Cream Pie Choc Chip Cookie Crust

The Weekender: Gear, Grub, & Cartoon Cookie

How’s the summer heat been treating you? It’s been the hottest week of the summer here, but I’m not complaining. After the absolutely brutal winter we had in CNY, there is no reason at all to whine about some sunshine. I’m definitely looking on the bright side here. I have to say, the warmth has […]

Gluten Free Mac & Cheese

The Weekender: Pets, Pizza, & Parties

I don’t quite realize how much I eat in a week until I sit here and review it all with you guys. This might as well be a food diary. But what can I say, I love to eat! Luckily, I also like to workout.These two things make me one happy Cookie. Let’s start with […]

Double Cheese Bundles

The Weekender: Showers, Step, and Style

Sundays are always my favorite posts since I get to share The Weekender with you guys, which allows me to give you a whole smorgasbord of stuff you don’t normally see during the week. Today, we’ll talk about the bridal shower I went to last weekend, my fitness life, and more. But before we jump […]

Caramel Mocha Brownie Batter Truffles

The Weekender: Pajamas, Furry Friends, & Birthdays

Thank you for being patient with me the last week while posts were a little spotty. I was dealing with a death in the family, which happens to send your everyday life into chaos – as if such a time isn’t hard enough as is. But like I promised, I am getting back into our […]

Winter 1510

The Weekender: Zombies, Cats, & Haircuts

Did y’all remember to set your clocks forward? I do so hate having to do that. As if I need to lose an hour of sleep! I’d rather gain a few hours to make up for the week I’ve had. Would you believe I’m sick again? I’m starting to wonder if getting mono a few […]

Roasted Red Pepper Burgers

The Weekender: Snow in the South, Hillbillies, & Furry Friends

I’m spending some quality time with the Cookie parents in good ol’ West Virginia, and would you believe the weather is no better than back up in CNY? How typical that the crap weather should follow me. Regardless, I intend to enjoy my time here with my two favorite things: family and good food. Speaking […]