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The Weekender: Paws, Posing, and Ponytails

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I’m grateful to be relaxing with a visit from Mother Cookie this weekend. It’s a much-needed long weekend, and I even get a few days off from the gym. But what would a mini-vacation be without good eats? Let’s review what we made this week: The Coach Stop Review Mini Spinach, […]

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The Weekender: Fries, Fresh Hair, and Fluffy Cuteness

I was a fool to think I could make it through winter without being defeated by a malicious cold or flu. Here I am at the end of March down for the count with a cold. Yep, the germs finally got me, folks. I was so close to the end of winter…so close! But it’s […]

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The Weekender: Showers, Step, and Style

Sundays are always my favorite posts since I get to share The Weekender with you guys, which allows me to give you a whole smorgasbord of stuff you don’t normally see during the week. Today, we’ll talk about the bridal shower I went to last weekend, my fitness life, and more. But before we jump […]

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The Weekender: Corn, Curls, & Cuteness

Somehow, we are already approaching my last week of my last real summer. I’ll be heading into my final semester as a college student and kissing it all goodbye in December. I will go out with a bang though by celebrating my 21st birthday this Friday in Jersey with my favorite people. But before we […]

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The Weekender: A Month of Mina, Plus MMA in the Mall

Whoa! What a week it was! Finals, fighting, felines, and of course, food. Plus, can we commend me on my ability to churn out not one but two fantastic alliterations in a row? This week marked the end of my first senior semester. Now, I’ll be heading to summer classes, and my second senior semester […]


The Weekender: Red Robin, Short Hair, & Congratulations

In America, the passing of Halloween means the immediate initiation of the Christmas season. Poor Thanksgiving just gets shoved to the side, bulldozed by the Christmas craze. However, as a foodie, I live for Thanksgiving. So you can bet we won’t ignore good ol’ Turkey Day here on Smart Cookie. November will be all about […]