Mexican Stuffed Shells

Forget what you know about stuffed pastas and open your mind to the possibilities with my Mexican Stuffed Shells. Mother Cookie made stuffed shells all the time when I was a kid, but never like this. Her shells were traditional ricotta filling-stuffed and covered with marinara and more cheese. That’s why I was surprised when […]


Arugula-Basil Pesto Pasta with Chickpeas & Broccoli

I don’t understand why I can’t be one of those people whose favorite food is vegetables. I’d take fruit, even. No, instead I take massive delight in breads, pastas, cheeses – everything supposedly not good for you in large quantities. Then I have to force myself to intake greens and fruits just to make sure I […]


Gluten-Free Italian Mac & Cheese

Y’all can’t imagine the nagging powers of Sister Cookie. She’s relentless. So when she started asking me about creating a gluten-free mac and cheese recipe for her, I knew she’d never stop until I appeased her. It took me a couple of weeks, but I finally went to work on it this weekend. Sister Cookie […]


Pasta Marinara Garlic Bread Bowl

There’s nothing that makes my carb-loving self happier than a meal that includes bread and pasta. Any restaurant that serves up complimentary hot bread and butter before my meal automatically wins a spot in my heart for that very reason. The best thing is when I save a little piece of bread and dunk it […]


Lemon Garlic Pepper Orecchiette with Caramelized Onions and Broccoli

I bought two beautiful Vidalia onions from the grocery store the other day for the simple reason that they were on sale, and that gave me an excuse to make something with caramelized onions. Whenever caramelized onions are involved, they’re this magical ingredient that makes everything taste amazing. I could eat them straight from the […]


Fried Ravioli & Squash Stacks

I stepped out of my comfort zone of casseroles and stove-top dishes tonight. I wanted to get a little fancy, to try something unique but doable that varies from just shoving something in the oven and baking it. Granted, my Fried Ravioli and Squash Stacks do require a bit of that, but they wind up […]


Sweet Potato Red Pepper Alfredo

What the heck was I thinking not loving sweet potatoes as a kid? The only time I really ate them was during Thanksgiving when my mother made her killer Sweet Potato Casserole. That only appealed to me at the age because it was covered in a candy nut topping. Nowadays, I eat sweet potatoes all […]


Creamy Toasted Walnut & Spinach Pesto

There are many days when I really feel like cooking something amazing, but I refuse to go to the store. So that means turning my kitchen into my own episode of Chopped and crafting a recipe out of limited – and sometimes seemingly unconnected – ingredients. I’m not sure how long I spent this time […]


Parmesan Cups with Pasta Marinara

In my mind, non-edible plates and bowls are an enormous waste. If you can’t eat your food vessel, then what good is it? All mousses should be enjoyed in cookies cups, and all cheese should be served in a golden brown pastry cup. As for pasta, it belongs in a crisp parmesan bowl. My Parmesan […]

SCS 49

Smart Cookie Shopping 49: Cheesy Pasta, Chips & Spaghetti-O’s

They say “never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach,” but what do you do if you’re always hungry? You can’t win. On the bright side, it’s possible my constantly grumbling stomach aids me in picking out Smart Cookie Shopping products. I want to try everything! It’s time to take our biweekly trip to the […]