Easy Breakfast Quesadilla

Because I believe quesadillas belong in every meal, I’ve created this Easy Breakfast Quesadilla for you. Ol’ snow storm Stella dumped the motherload of snow on us here in CNY last week, which meant I was stranded at home and not entirely prepared food-wise. I keep most of my breakfast stuff at work. But as […]


Chicken Parmesan Quesadilla

Ditch the multiple steps and immeasurable stress involved with making chicken parmesan and make these fast, cheese-oozing Chicken Parmesan Quesadilla instead. We all know chicken parm is a masterpiece – most dishes ending in “-parmesan” are – but it’s a special occasion dish. You’ve got to be able to set aside the prep time, the cook […]


Loaded Dorito Quesadilla

I do strange things when I’m looking to cook up something exciting with a kitchen full of boring ingredients. That includes putting chips inside quesadillas, like with this Loaded Dorito Quesadilla. I’ve seen Doritos really stepping out of their comfort zone lately, coating mozzarella sticks and breading chicken even. It makes you really look at […]