Mexican Stuffed Shells

Forget what you know about stuffed pastas and open your mind to the possibilities with my Mexican Stuffed Shells. Mother Cookie made stuffed shells all the time when I was a kid, but never like this. Her shells were traditional ricotta filling-stuffed and covered with marinara and more cheese. That’s why I was surprised when […]


Chick’n & Potato Taco Boats

  Taco night is everyone’s favorite night, but it just got better with these Chick’n & Potato Taco Boats. My boyfriend likes to make fun of my “chick’n,” which is the meatless “chicken” I buy that Morningstar Farms makes. But for as much as he jokes around, he loves it too. We’ve used it on […]


Taco Hummus

It’s been a while since your Hummus Queen delivered a new dippable creation, so we’re well overdue. The good thing is, homemade hummus is so quick and easy to make that as soon as I decide we need some, it doesn’t take me long to churn it out. In fact, the hardest part is deciding […]


Readers’ Choice Wednesday: Frito-Topped Mexican Pizza

It’s Readers’ Choice Wednesday! That means I let you guys choose what I’m going to make. I got a few great suggestions this week, but Tina G.’s idea for a Mexican pizza with a tortilla crust jumped out at me. It was different than anything I’d made before. But I had to make my version, […]

Healthy Cookie: Loaded Taco Bowl

This is a vegetarian taco bowl. Why did I not mention that in the title? Because I know half of you will run away in fear at the mention of anything vegetarian. But I need you to trust me. I’ve never led you astray before. I give you my word that you will never be […]